Air Bag Light 8 of The most common causes

Air Bag can save your life if you have an accident with your car.

It is a safety requirement for your car.

It is not recommended to tamper with airbags except by a specialist technician because they may lead to serious injury or death.

Fortunately, modern cars have an Air Bag warning light that appears on the dashboard.

Air Bag light will be activated when a problem is detected.

It won’t exactly indicate a problem with airbags but it will be enough for you to fix the problem by a specialist technician.

The airbag light usually lights up when the engine starts.

But after a few seconds it is deactivated.

The most common causes of Air Bag crashes

Never ignore the airbag warning light.

You might think it’s no big deal because you assume you’re not going to have an accident.

But there’s always the possibility of an accident, so why risk your life?

Here are the top 8 reasons why air bag light appears in your car:

1 – Air Bag disabled

You may have airbags that have just been disabled in the system.

You might wonder, why would it be disabled?

This may be due to a fault in the collision sensor or an error made by the mechanic while working on your vehicle.

2 – Air Bag backup battery is low

The airbag system has a backup battery based on the vehicle’s primary battery.

The backup battery may lose power if the primary battery is also low in power.

This can also happen if you have an accident.

Whatever the reason, the low spare battery in the Air Bag system will trigger the warning light.

3 – Corrosion of collision sensors

If the water reaches the collision sensors, it will begin to wear out very quickly.

Your airbag system is extremely sensitive when it comes to collision sensors.

4 – After the accident

Not all car accidents cause the airbag system to be activated.

Sometimes you may have a small accident that causes the airbags to run.

However, it is still dangerous enough to activate collision sensors.

This means that the warning light will light up until the sensors are reset again.

5 – Minor accidents

The airbag system consists of sensors and a computer.

The system will normally be activated if you hit your car at a minimum speed of 20 km/h.

However, there may be times when you hit something while driving less than this speed.

You may be too close to your gate or accidentally bump into the lamppost.

Whatever the case, a small incident like this seems insignificant but may trigger the Air Bag light.

6- Airbags ECU failure

The electronic airbag control unit is responsible for activating it in the event of an accident.

There are separate sensors that send impact information to the airbag ECU.

This information includes the type and severity of the collision, if the electronic controller determines that the collision is worth activating Air Bag will be activated within fractions of a second.

If there is a malfunction in the ECU, the warning light will light up.

7 – Seat belt

The seat belt automatically installs the driver or passenger in the event of an accident.

That way it’ll be well fastened to the seat.

This tension is a technical part of the airbag system.

That’s why if there’s a fault in the seat belt, the warning light will light up.

All components of the airbag system should remain active in addition to indirect.

8 – The Clock Spring is damaged

The Clock Spring is at the wheel and the mullet and Air Bag system are connected to it.

If the Clock Spring breaks down, the warning light will light up.

You can see the article the Clock Spring its importance and the symptoms of its damage.


9 Causes Airbag Light On in Your Car

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